Why People Need Art Now More than Ever

Most of us can agree that art has a way of explaining and exploring the human condition. We see a painting and sometimes we feel a pull towards it. It captures something that resonates with us. Some paintings leave us searching for decades, trying to understand ourselves through the process.

In times of duress artists are compelled to express visually what is lacking in words. Just as the viewer feels a pull towards a piece, the artist experienced the same in creating it. There is just something that has to be explored during critical times, and how we interact with our environment has a direct influence on how we create and view the world.

As a painter I find comfort and healing in creating during difficult times. When COVID first became a stark reality for me I became anxious. The only way for me to work through those feelings was to explore what was bothering me. In the process of exploration I created some of my best works.

In May I was hesitant to release my new collection Into the Light.

When I released the collection I was pleasantly surprised to discover that people were eager to collect. Since then I have had an increase in followers and sales. During social distancing I was greeted with so many new collectors virtually, and once business started opening up I have had an influx of people coming to see and buy my work. So, it got me thinking. Why now?

I have a few ideas why people are investing in art.

Visual art has a way of comforting us, and lets face it, we have all needed more comfort lately. As people are finding themselves working from home more they begin to feel there is something missing. Some of these people have turned to decorating their homes, adding artworks that speak to them or make them feel good. As mentioned previously, a good piece of art can leave the viewer searching and feeling for a long time.

When people began quarantining many were saving money. People found themselves eating out less or having to cancel their summer plans. Now, many of these people are approaching artists they wish to invest in, and supporting the local economy, thank you!!

Artwork can have a major impact on ones mood. It can make you feel inspired, energized, calm, happy or even thoughtful and sad. Many businesses try to have inspiring artworks on the walls because they know it can help with productivity. I believe people are collecting artwork now to evoke feelings and create connections within their community.

Now that summer is here it will be interesting to see how people are feeling and if artwork is still the priority for those staying at home.

I would love to know what you think about this blog and why you are collecting artworks now more than ever? Or why you think others are :)

Thanks for visiting, stay safe,

Melissa xo





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