April 17 – April 30 2019 @Beecher Place, Crescent Beach


This April The Diversified Brush presents it’s first group art show: The Land We Occupy.

Grand Opening: April 19 2019

The show is being held at Beecher Place, 12160 Beecher Street in Crescent Beach
Artists work left to right: Melissa Burgher, Yvette Lauer, Carla Maskell, Joanne Dennis

About the Show:

The Land We Occupy aims to be a visual exploration of our environment, drawing on place, time and memory to create images about Surrey and the West Coast. The group has created art that is vastly different in style but unified in theme, mirroring Surrey’s own diversity and beauty.  Surrey is home to a rich history of indigenous peoples, animals, plants and lifeways. The land we all collectively share comes with this knowledge and history.  The Diversified Brush is interested in portraying the dynamic landscape and history that has shaped us. Focusing on landmarks and symbolic representation of place and spirit (animals and story).  The Diversified Brush wishes to create images that honor the animals and lands who sustain us.

The perfect place to shop for beautiful, one of a kind paintings from a diverse group of artists

How The Group Came Together

The four of us all attended the same painting competition. After getting together to discuss art we realized we all had the same beliefs and goals around making and selling art. We started meeting to discuss doing a group show, and now we are on our way to making that a reality! What makes this group so unique is that every member has their own very distinct style and subject matter. We hope you can make it to this amazing event! You won’t be disappointment!

You should probably come to the show! We know how to have a good time! (No but seriously, come!)

Art Classes

Discovering Your Spirit Animal

Beecher Place, Crescent Beach
April 27 & 28 2019 Cost: $60

Words We Speak, by Melissa Burgher

Joanne Dennis and Melissa Burgher are presenting a two-part art class: Discovering Your Spirit Animal. The first class focuses on identifying which animals you share traits with, and then creating a personal image using the photo-transfer method. You will be sent a questionnaire that helps you determine which animals you share traits with. The second part of the class students will be able to embellish these images with paint. This is going to be a meaningful and fun two days, set in the scenic town of Crescent Beach.

For registration and more information, please email:

About the Artists:

Kissy Fishy by Melissa Burgher, come to the show for a viewing!

Melissa Burgher paints animals and landscapes, using different mediums depending on subject. Her style encompasses strong lines of colour and movement. She often focuses on symbolic meaning of animals or place. This is rooted in her interest of cultures such as the druids of Ireland or the Indigenous of Canada. Melissa is a member of Arts Council of Surrey, North Vancouver Community Arts Council, and is presently VP of Surrey Art Gallery Association. She is also an Aboriginal Infant Development Consultant and works closely with Indigenous communities to learn how to see through an indigenous lens and respect varying lifeways and views.

Stunning Seymour Arm by Joanne Dennis

Joanne Dennis creates vivid, textural abstract and expressionist landscapes. She also focuses on place and symbolic representation, as her work represents the places, people, and thought processes that she has experienced in her travels.  Joanne has a studio in the Fraser Heights area of Surrey, called JD Access Creative where she produces acrylics using a variety of tools and mediums, and delivers art classes.  She has an adult education diploma and creativity coach training that she uses in the creation of these classes to open participants to their creative power.  With her trademarked Creative Reflections cards, she also facilitates Creative Conversations to support artists in breaking through creativity blockages.  Joanne is the current President of Surrey Art Gallery Association,  a member of Arts West, and the Arts Council of Surrey.

Dino by Yvette Lauer
Yvette Lauer – Pastel

Yvette Lauer Creates art in street art/realism style incorporating graffiti and realism to link the divergent world she lives in.  She finds inspiration in the innocence of youth vs. the dirty and confusing world of city streets. She works in oil, ink, and pastel.  Member of the Arts Council of Surrey 2017- present and Semiahmoo Arts Society 2017- present.  Past member of Calgary Sketch Club 2016-18  Calgary Creative Arts GUild 2016-18, Terrace Art Gallery 2015, Vancouver Businessmans Art Club 1998.

Carla and just a small taste off what she can do! Beautiful!

Carla Maskall is a Surrey Artist who has a passion for nature and spending time outdoors and plein air painting. She paints to captivate the viewer to pause for reflection and appreciate the beauty that surrounds us. Carla is a Surrey Art Society and Semiahmoo Arts Society member.

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