“Turn Back! It’s a Trap”!!!

I have reached a dilemma, well actually several, but lets focus on one for now…

I have run into a conundrum about selling art. I post my paintings online and they often sell quickly. This is amazing, people actually want to buy what I create! However, I am left with no “bodies” of work to exhibit in galleries. This is because whenever I make a new body of work many pieces sell before being publicly shown. Of course not all my works sell, but my “best” pieces often fly off the wall before ever making it into a gallery. I mosey from theme to theme and I am often left with the straggler paintings that don’t sell. Don’t get me wrong, they are beautiful and loved, but having a bear painting beside a bridge painting seems a little off to the public, especially to the serious buyers. Everyone wants to see a style or a theme, I may not agree with this concept but an artist needs to eat.

After much deliberation and conversations with my lovely and brilliant art piers, I have decided to stop showing my new bodies of work online. There are two reasons for this. First, I want people to come see the works for themselves, in my studio. Secondly, I need cohesive bodies of works for my upcoming shows. Moreover, to be taken seriously by galleries I need to have up to 15 works of unsold artwork focusing on one theme. This is going to be really difficult for me to do, so I need to focus…OH! look over there, something shiny..!

Where was I…

I know many of you are thinking “well, ok, but I want to see what you are working on”. Well I have a solution! I met with artist Tony Rodriguez tonight and he gave me a great idea! I am going to brave it out and start doing live videos of when I am painting. I am a little camera shy, but this way you can see my process unfold and get to see what I am truly like, the person behind the paintings (I’m terrified!)

So even though I wont be posting my paintings anytime soon, I really hope you can join me at one of my art shows, or at one of my open studio days. I will be posting detail shots of my paintings online and updating everyone on my upcoming shows.

If you want to to see the live videos you can follow me on either my facebook @NorthWestPacificArt or my IG @melissa_burgher_art

Thanks again for reading!

Your struggling artist,

Melissa Burgher

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